Dr. Mark E.W. Chambers, FRCGP, GP,GP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming, TFT (Algorithm), Havening Diploma in Hypnosis Applied to Medicine, EMDR, IEMT Reiki, Mindfulness

Mark has been a GP in Suffolk since 1985. He started to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 1994 when he became involved with training new GPs. Initially he used NLP techniques to teach communication skills and rapport building. Mark quickly realised that an ability to apply the skills of NLP is useful in striving for excellence in any area.

Mark trained with Dr.Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP, and several other expert NLP trainers, including Paul McKenna, John Lavalle and Michael Neill. In addition, Mark has trained with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St.Clair in NLP modelling skills,and with Dr.Stephen Gilligan in Generative Trance.

Mark has also learned and applied several Psycho-Sensory techniques including Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Havening, EMDR, IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desenitisation and Reprocessing) and VCART (Visual Coding and Repatterning Therapy). These are all amazingly quick and effective way of dealing many physical, emotional and psychological problems, without resorting to medication. Mark is a Reiki Master and involves and incorporates energetic and Mindfulness-based methods in his work.

Mark has a Post Graduate Diploma in Hypnosis Applied to Medicine, and is particularly interested in exploring ways of finding answers to whatever issues are arising in the fewest number of steps, incorporating whichever techniques are most appropriate to each, unique situation.

In addition to training doctors entering General Practice Mark also delivers workshops for professionals interested in developing their communication skills and the effectiveness of their consulting. Mark also assists Kevin Laye in training his Psy-Tap techniques, a unique blend including aspects of all the methods already mentioned and including several exciting new refinements and developments.

In 2012 the Royal College of GPs appointed Mark a Fellow of the College in recognition of his involvement in training doctors for General Practice and his pioneering work in introducing these Complementary techniques into every-day General Practice.

Contact Mark NOW to discover how quickly you can start to achieve success.

Contact Mark NOW to discover how quickly you can start to achieve success.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark Chambers on issues around trauma reactions over the past year. Mark is a highly skilled practitioner who works creatively using his extensive knowledge and a diversity of techniques, from which he tailors an individual treatment plan that is worked on in session and afterwards at home.

Mark is a very warm, friendly, enthusiastic person who holds a genuine interest in the promotion of wellbeing as a human right for all. These qualities, coupled with working in a safe, relaxed space, enabled me to gently rediscover my inner strength, and to move from merely surviving in life towards thriving and rebuilding strong roots based on being who I am rather than who I am not. I am very grateful to Mark, and offer only the highest recommendation.