What can you expect?

Are you feeling stressed? Frustrated? Confused?

Are you uncertain about how to tackle issues in your life?

Do you feel hopeless, confused, and at times overwhelmed by the challenges you face?

How do you talk to yourself? How does this hinder or help you?

Does the world seem overwhelming and the outlook often bleak and uninviting?

Have you a habit you wish to deal with?  This may be a behaviour like smoking, drinking, drug use, weight, issues. It may be around a habitual way of thinking about the world: anxiety, depression, grief and anguish, intrusive thoughts, memories or emotions.

Or do you simply wish to improve in some aspect of your life and want to find out how to be the best and most authentic you?

The many methods I use offer solutions for all these situations, and much more. Why be yourself when you can become someone so much better?

After all, that is why people come to a doctor: to find ways of getting better.

Therapy and Learning

The Latin root of the word “doctor” means “teacher”.

While I practice several therapies, I am aware that people are learning all the time. My professional work is aimed at helping people get the most out of their life. I aim to identify and treat things which need treating, but that is only the start.  My intention then is to help people learn how to maximize what is useful in their approach to their life, minimize what needs to be tolerated and discard whatever is redundant.  The efficient, elegant maintenance of self.

Elegance to me means quality with precision. You have the resources within you to achieve excellence, either as an individual or as a team. I aim to help you identify and apply these resources to achieve your best results quickly.

The techniques I principally use include:


The effective use of communication to generate results. This includes helping people improve their own self-talk so they can become their own best friend and  teacher.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

The psychology of excellence and high-performance states.

How do you do what you do?  How could you most usefully adapt this to achieve the best results ?

Psycho-sensory techniques

Holistic methods that integrate the body and the mind in clearing up after trauma and generating high-performance states.


The energy of life.

Finding and working with the Healer Within.

Using the Life-Force for healing and growth.


An appreciation of awareness.

Our experience of life is entirely dependent on where we choose to place our attention. The development and practicing of constructive patterns of thinking  is key to achieving whatever we set our sights on.

Life-long learning

The aim is excellence, not perfection, with the accumulation, adaptation  and use of your resources in the most efficient, effective and elegant ways.

Cultivation the personal processes of successful adaptation and evolution.


The use of all resources to generate outcome-focused, flexible high-performance lives.