As a Master NLP Practitioner and practising Dr for the NHS, I am always on the look out for practitioners who are leading the way in the field of personal development and coaching.
One of those such people is Deborah Standley MNLP Coach. Fondly known as Dee, she is the Author of “Eat Yourself Slim”, and the owner and founder of the distinguished Life and Business Coaching company, Changes For Life.
Deborah has stayed ahead of the curve, offering clients an alternative to the traditional methods of personal development, including how to stop smoking and  how to lose weight by banishing dieting for good etc. Deborah has created a wonderful webseries called NLPower of Persuasion that helps clients delve deep in to the natural resources that we all have but at times have lost sight of and forgotten we had in order to improve our lives.
Deborah helps many business entrepreneurs also, but something I highly endorse is her approach to the health and personal development arena and in particular how we can lose weight without dieting.
I had the privilege of writing the forward and endorsing Deborah’s book, Eat Yourself Slim. Stop dieting…eat what you want…when you want…be the size you want to be…love yourself…love your body…don’t restrict the foods you love…enjoy food…be happy around food… Deborah’s unique mix of psychology, hypnosis and common sense nutritional advice has helped countless women and men who wanted exactly the same things as you. Now, thanks to Dee, they have achieved their goals and changed their lives … forever. “There is a refreshing wind of change blowing. Diets have had their day… Not only are these techniques dramatically effective, they are simple, easy to learn and easy to practice”
You can find here a link to purchase Deborah’s book here and her website, Changes For Life and her Slimmer for Life webinars.
Dr Mark Chambers

Eat Yourself Slim

Changes For Life